Explanation of the illustrations at the header of this webpage – * = electronic drawing Michael Beuger
Upper left
Upper almost right upper
Upper almost right lower
Upper right
Lower left
Lower centre
Lower right
*   Anura – Oneness – Symbol of our 2012-03-20 founded Lilac Lilly Cluster Union
*   Albaran Seven Star System in conjunction – seen from its second star Mokim
*   Ftiris paradise butterfly – Transformation
Unprocessed profile shot of Michael Beuger – by Spiley – 2011-05-28 – Amsterdam Vondelpark
Andromeda nebula galaxy with our Moon as seen from Earth – 2006-12-28
Location M31-Andromeda-nebula and M33-Triangulum-nebula as seen in their constellations from Earth
Location Sun + Earth in the Orion-crux and Albaran Seven Star System in the Scutum-crux of our Galaxy

The Anura seal of the Lilac Lilly Cluster – Creation in Oneness
This seal – which was revealed to me at 2013 May 25 – is related to the Ummac Dan of the Galactic Federation, but not identical.
As the Lilac Lilly Cluster includes the Galactic Federation, both organizations use the Anura seal, together with their other symbols.

Ummac Dan – Galactic Federation Symbol For The Sirian Star System
The Ummac Dan is the symbol of the Sirian Star system. It is an emblem that intensely activates all humans.
The escutcheon, or shield, consists of three parts. A gold six-pointed star tetrahedron, lies at the centre.
Superimposed on the gold star is a silver cross. On either side of the cross is a silver scythe.
Cross, scythes and star are encircled by an inner band of silver and an outer band of gold.
All are set on a background field of purple.
Each part of the Ummac Dan is symbolic.
The gold star tetrahedron represents the essence of all sentient life in Creation.
Silver cross and scythes stand for the manifestation of spirit into matter and its victory over darkness.
The silver and gold circles embody the union of male and female principles.
The purple field symbolizes God's holy Creation.
  ☻  Planetary Activation Organization – Sheldan Nidle – English website  

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Summary  +  Catalog website Extraterrestrial  –  English

Albaran Seven Star System
▼ Summary, history
▼ Languages, scriptures, countings
▼ Albaran – inner stars
▼ Albaran – reptilians
▼ Mohoron – construction world

▼ Introduction
▼ Our own planet Earth
▼ Galactic Federation
▼ Andromeda Galaxy – M31
▼ Ascension
▼ Disclosure
▼ Music
► Disclaimer – English and Dutch
☻  Creation process – Michael Beuger
Aurorion – Physical planet
▼ Summary, history
▼ Languages, scriptures, countings
▼ Dictionary
▼ Technology, environment
▼ Social life, politics
▼ Architecture
▼ Cities, tourism, culture
▼ Transportation systems
▼ Railway history
▼ Railway system
▼ Information technology

Michael Beuger – Contact
 ◘   Mail  ►  Michael Beuger
Sholame – Paradise planet
▼ Summary, history
▼ Languages, scriptures, countings
▼ Dictionary
▼ Technology, environment
▼ Paradise worlds

Michael Beuger – Dutch e-books
►  Children of Seven Suns
►  Recreate your World
►  Individuality as a Key to Oneness

External links
☻  Various external links
☻  Alert People
☻  Planetary Activation Organization

  ►   Actual news at websites Buitenaards + Transformatiebegeleiding – Dutch
•  variable illustrations
•  variable tables
•  variable sound tracks

  ☻   Video 18 minutes – English – Scientific guided tour through our Lilac Lilly Cluster by David Butler
  ☻   Video 18 minutes – English – Planetary Ascention – Arcturians
  ☻   Video 28 minutes – Recommendation for diplomacy towards extraterrestrials – Steven Greer
  ☻   Alien Message to Mankind: Do You Wish That We Show Up? – English translation
  ☻   Multidimensional and Extraterrestrial Music – English website
  ►   Mission Comet ISON – Spaceship Phoenix – Commander Hatonn via Michael Beuger – Part-1
  ►   Mission Comet ISON – Spaceship Phoenix – Commander Hatonn via Michael Beuger – Part-2
  ►   Worldwide Call for Disclosure and Peace – Commander Ashtar via Michael Beuger
  ►   2014-03-02 – Eshnur from the Andromeda Galaxy – Telepathic session with Michael Beuger
  ►   More intensive collaboration with the Andromeda Galaxy during 2015


Sections with bright orange background and links with lilac characters refer to authentic extraterrestrial material.
This will be available as soon as the condition of our world is ready for this aspect of Disclosure.

Intention of my websites

I have NO commercial websites, so please NO business proposals !
Getting audiovisual materials directly from other worlds is not an option yet, so I had to draw and record myself.
This takes much money, time and energy, but the satisfaction of contributing to a better world, is sufficient to me.
All of my creations may – in co-creation and with wisdom – be reutilized.
In sofar as audiovisual materials from others are concerned, I respect their copyrights.
I only crosslink to persons I know personally and to organizations I already cooperate with.
The webmasters are fully responsible for the contents and the function of their own websites.
If you suspect any failures in my publications, please contact me as soon as possible by email.
Then I will undertake appopriate action quickly.

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  ☻  Ftiris  
The other official website of Michael Beuger  Transformatiebegeleiding – Ftiris

   ◘   Mail  ►  Michael Beuger  
You may mail him in Dutch, English, French, German, Portugese and Spanish.

External links

  ☻  Alert People  
Website wakkeremensen – Partly in English – Updated daily

Catalog of sound tracks at this website

AUDIO     ►   Pronounciation phonetic system    
AUDIO     ►   Common Cluster Language – Miscellaneous    
AUDIO     ►   Common Cluster Language – Andromeda immortals    
AUDIO     ►   Common Cluster Language – Albaran celestial bodies  
AUDIO     ►   Aurorian – Counting    
AUDIO     ►   Aurorian – Miscellaneous    
AUDIO     ►   Aurorian – Broadcasting from the city walls by a man    
AUDIO     ►   Aurorian – Weatherforecast on the radio by a man    
AUDIO     ►   Aurorian – Weatherforecast on the radio by a woman    
AUDIO     ►   Aurorian – Announcing subway stations by a man    
AUDIO     ►   Aurorian – Announcing subway stations by a woman    
AUDIO     ►   Reptilian – Counting    
AUDIO     ►   Reptilian – Miscellaneous    
AUDIO     ►   Reptilian – Peace Mantra LáNáHé    
AUDIO     ►   Ronakian – Introduction on the radio    
AUDIO     ►   Sholamian – Counting    
AUDIO     ►   Sholamian – Miscellaneous    
AUDIO     ►   Sholamian – Fyiti dialect    
AUDIO     ►   Sholamian – Hluthi dialect    
AUDIO     ►   Sholamian – Poems and songs    
AUDIO     ►   Church bells – Lullaby for piano solo in F major – Michael Wolfgang Beuger – around 1960  
AUDIO     ►   Dance of the Butterflies for three harps + celesta in F sharp minor – Michael Wolfgang Beuger – 2013 april  
AUDIO     ►   Concertino for three harps, celesta and wind instruments – Michael Wolfgang Beuger – 2014 january  
AUDIO     ►   Concerto for piano and orchestra – Michael Wolfgang Beuger – impression of the opening measures  

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General – Introduction

•  Spiral Spider – Multidimensional Incarnation Model

Search topics
5D – 5D co-creation – 5D cocreation – 5D creation – 5D creator –
Adam Kadmon – Albaran Seven Star System – Andromedan – Andromeda Galaxy – Andromedo Galactic Alliance –
Andromedo Galactic Committee – Andromeda Cluster – Andromeda Union – Ashtar – Asket – Blue Star Planet –
Carlisqua – Cluster Internet – Cluster Observer – Cluster Union – co-creation – Common Cluster Language –
duality – extraterrestrial – extraterrestrial language – extraterrestrial life form – extraterrestrial music –
extraterrestrial politics – extraterrestrial architecture – extraterrestrial railway – extraterrestrial tramway –
extraterrestrial technology – extraterrestrial windmill –
Galactic Federation – Galactic Government – Galactic Internet – Galaxia Rosa Dorada – Golden Rose Galaxy –
Interplanetary Internet – Kharliskwa – Lilac Lilly Cluster – Lilac Lilly Galaxy – Local Intergalactic Group –
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protection field – Ptaah – SaLuSa – Semjase – solar – Solaris Seven Star System – stargate facility –
subcluster – Triangle Galaxy – universal – Violet Flame – Virgo Supercluster –

Summary of the introduction
Summary  is one of the few English pages on my Dutch website  Buitenaards vreemd maar toch vertrouwd.
My main objective of this extensive summary is to attract more motivated visitors to this site.
I have no plans to translate this website completely.
I am the only webmaster and it takes much time to maintain this site and especially to create images.
If you are not able to understand Dutch sufficiently, you can still enjoy the already large amount of illustrations.

I am a representative of the Galactic Federation, of the Albaran Seven Star System and of paradise worlds.
My present principal contribution to the transformation of our planet Earth consists in publication via websites.
But my main working area is the Netherlands and Belgium and the Dutch speaking people.
As far as useful, the Cosmos will provide similar light workers for other language groups.

I hardly mention the extraterrestrial civilizations that so many other persons publish so much about.
I prefer to describe the until now almost unknown constellations that I represent and with which I am more familiar.
I have vivid memories of past lives on other planets. My bisexuality and polyamory fit well into paradise worlds.
Alas my heavenly home planet was exterminated 3,5 million years ago during the Second Albaran War.

I also pay much attention to our own Earth, which is transforming into a paradise of peace, love, joy and beauty.
Our present world is a rare exeption in our Galaxy. Our humanity is collectively crazy with its destructive behaviour.
This craziness provides us the experience of separation and other useful lessons to become cosmic masters.
More and more inner light is becoming available for expanding our consciousness.

Still many doubt about the existence of extraterrestrials. But very soon humanity will discover, that these creatures
have been among us all the time, and that some of them oppressed us via religious, social and political systems.
More and more humans are awakening and freeing themselves, to become ready for reuniting with those cosmic
beings that really love us, and to again cooperate openly with our Galactic Government. Welcome back home!

Extrasensory perception
The main sources of the data of this site are my memory and extrasensory perception, which is easy to learn.
Beyond the borders of space and time, I observe other worlds and describe them vividly.
However, there are many pitfalls in this process. The more your vision expands, the more your blind spots as well.
Of course, this website contains much false information, which I try to correct as soon as possible.
And I (and all of us?) lack the ability to check the truth of all information sources sufficiently. I just do my best.

Universal Incarnation Model
Linear incarnation systems are just too restricted to explain all the phenomena that occur to our souls.
According to my model, in reality there only exists one Soul, which you could call God, who incarnates at any time
and any place into every creature simultaneously. When we start remembering past lives, we are just reconnecting.
You can also define parallel lives, walk in, Higher Self, Monade, Over Soul and so on, with or without hierarchies.

Alternative manifestations of matter
Officially, we only know our matter in the aggregations solid, liquid and gaseous, with its corresponding energies.
There however exist invisable and untouchable manifestations which they call astral, etheric, morontia, etcetera.

This definition I created especially for this website, to distinguish it from our wellknown physical technology.
Hypertechnology utilizes alternative manifestations of matter and or more than our four well known dimensions.
Hypertechnology enhances exchanging information and travelling faster than the speed of light.
Via Cluster Internet (also called Interplanetary Internet) and stargate facilities.

Extraterrestrial and religion
I believe that most religions originated in heaven, I mean that they were provided by extraterrestrials.
Gods and angels usually do not live on earth. Many are benevolent, but some tyrannize us since many centuries.
The fact that holy scriptures contain eternal thruths, does not mean that every sentence in the scriptures is true.

Evolution and creation
Both concepts can be true at the same time. I believe Earth was colonized many times from other worlds.
Our creation story might be a description of one of the recolonizations, maybe in six days, from neigbor planets.

Physical, non-physical and multidimensional worlds
Our Universe maybe counts physical civilazations like ours, of whicht 4.000 in our Galaxy.
The amount of non-physical worlds, where inhabitants are independend of food, air and temperature, is far more.
Earth and some other planets are multidimensional, so inhabited at multiple layers, physically and otherwise.
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General – Our own planet Earth

•  Earth with some other solid satellites in our solar system
•  Schedule of our Galaxy with our Orion short spiral crux with Earth and Scutum long spiral crux with Albaran
•  Cross section of Hollow Earth – downloaded illustration in English
•  2 tables

Our own planet Earth
Earth is a unique planet in a young and very interesting solar system at the periphery of our Galaxy.
Probably there is no world like Earth, with so much variety and so many millions of different life forms.
But compared with other worlds, Earth is a very unstable planet, that is constantly exposed to many dangers.
The most serious threat is formed by humanity, which with its craziness is inclined to ruin its own habitat.
The Dutch page contains tables and descriptions of many technical details of our planet and solar system.

Technology on Earth
Remarkably is the explosive development of technology during the past few decades.
Earth is one of the champions of our Galaxy for information and communication technology. Did we get any help?
In space travel technology however, one of the most primitive civilizations. Our oppressors seem to isolate us.

Planetary Logos
Earth is a living creature that behaves like a computer as well.
Our Planetary Logos Group is responsible for programming and maintaining our world.
This section provides much interesting technical information.

Slow and fast karma systems
Karma deals with the laws of causes and consequences. Our present world is subject to a system of slow karma.
It takes so much time before a thought or action is manifested, that we cannot monitor the connections sufficiently.
This handicap however, provides us an abundance of free choice possibilities.
In our transformation epoca, energies and frequencies are moving towards fast or instant karma.
The consequences of our thoughts and actions will show up quicker and quicker, so we can master them easier.

Hollow Earth
Some believe, Earth is not solid but hollow, and at the inside inhabited by a high tech and paradise like humanity.
About this topic, you can find a lot of interesting information in English at the Internet.

Purpose of Earth
Main purpose of our present Earth is to experience violence, chaos and separation for our cosmic mastership.
After graduating, our planet will be restored to its paradise state. School of Duality will be University of Creation.
Earth will be integrated completely into our Galaxy and finally into our entire Universe.
Our Internet will be connected to that of other high tech planets of our Cluster Union.
English will be the interplanetary exchange language until our Universal Cluster Language takes over.
Fast spaceships and stargates will be available to us.

Predictions and expectations
There are many of them, and from different sources, but there is also a lot of difference between them.
December 21, 2012 is an important date in most beliefs, varying from total destruction to smooth transformation.
It is however impossible to predict the future accurately, because we ourselves are the cocreators of that future.
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General – Galactic Federation

•  Schedule of our Galaxy with our Orion short spiral arm with Earth and Scutum long spiral arm with Albaran

Galactic Federation
The Dutch page deals with the (Inter)Galactic Federation and with various channelling subjects.
The present official name of this Federation and of our Galaxy is  Nemfis Astara  or  Golden Rose Galaxy.
The present official name of the Triangle Galaxy is  Munyis Astara  or  Emeraldgreen Palmflower Galaxy.
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General – The Andromeda Galaxy

•  The Andromeda Galaxy
•  The Andromeda Galaxy, location among constellations
•  The Andromeda Galaxy, visable with the unaided eye, together with a full Moon
•  Our Milky Way Galaxy
•  The Triangle Nebula Galaxy
•  Various Galaxies
•  Table of our Lilac Lilly Cluster or our Local Group of Galaxies
•  3 other tables
•  Sound track – names of 15 immortal masters of the Andromeda Galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy
Its present official name is  Navlis Astara  or  Lilac Lilly Galaxy.
The Andromeda Galaxy is the closest to our Galaxy and one of the few approaching in stead of moving away.
Andromeda is our mother galaxy. Its inhabitants, include humans of exactly the same races as on Earth.
Similarities and differences are listed. Andromeda is millions of years ahead of us in spirituality and technology.
However our Galaxy has more variation in species. There is contact between citizans from both of our galaxies.

The role of Andromedans in our Galaxy
The Andromedans I know, became about my best cosmic friends. Their names are listed at the Dutch webpage.
About 3,5 million years ago, a group was exploring the Albaran Constellation and decided to assist its inhabitants.
They did not colonize their worlds, but created new ones from planets that were not in use before.
Intense collaborations and warm friendships between Andromedans and humanoid civilizations resulted.
But reptilian species were hostile, started two cosmic wars, destroyed planets and expelled the Andromedans.
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General – Ascention

•  3 tables

About ascension, decension, dimensions, frequencies and planetary operating systems.
History of ascention in our Universe.
Current agenda of ascention of planet Earth.
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General – Disclosure

•  variable

With reports, images and sounds.
Concerning the project Pleadian Andromedan Disclosure and related subjects.
All materials are supplied by readers of this website. Some are gifts from extraterrestrials.
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► Complete Dutch page of above summary
General – Music

•  variable

Many sound tracks.
Extraterrestrial and terrestrial music styles and instruments.
Downloaded music and musical compositions of Michael Wolfgang Beuger.
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► Complete Dutch page of above summary
Albaran Seven Star System – summary, history

•  Schedule of our Galaxy with our Orion short spiral arm with Earth and Scutum long spiral arm with Albaran
•  Table of stars, planets and other satellites of the Albaran System
•  Table of the 7 Albaran regions
•  Sound track – names of all stars, planets and other satellites of the Albaran System

Albaran System – characteristics
Albaran is a very old, stabile and complex solar system near the center of our Galaxy.
Round a big blue central star, orbit six smaller stars, more or less like our Sun.
Each of these stars is surrounded by a few solid planets, more or less like our Earth, but without big gas planets.
Moons, planetoids, comets and smaller satellites are extremely rare in the Albaran Constellation.
Because of the cleanness of the surrounding space, the almost perfectly circular orbits and the ideal distances,
about half of the planets are inhabitable. Many of them are inhabited, have been inhabited or will be inhabited.
Also those planets themselves are safe. They are completely solid and their axis are almost perfectly vertical.

Albaran System – inhabitants
•  Prehistoric humanoids. Rude and primitive people. Exterminated during the First Albaran War.
•  Reptilians. Still fairly humanoid appearance. High tech inhabitants of the Hovron Planetary Union.
•  Pure humanoids. Not by any means distinguishable from Earth humans. Live around the central star Albaran.
•  Aurorians. A hybrid species from prehistoric humanoids and reptilians. High tech inhabitants of Aurorion.
•  Ape hybrids. A hybrid species of pure humanoids with ape DNA. Exterminated during Second Albaran War.

Albaran System – Prehistoric time
The older center part of our Galaxy was inhabited first. The younger periphery – also Earth – was colonized later.
Four million years ago, our Galaxy was already crowded with reptilians which travelled in triangular space ships.
Obwang – the third planet of the star Albaran – was inhabited by a primitive and violent humanoid species.
I remember a past life there. I was one of the more peaceful members of that society, but I was killed by a relative.

The reptilians hated gravity, so they colonized the smaller planets in the outer part of the Albaran Constellation.
Yet they founded a colony near the capital of Obwang, because they admired the military capacities of humans.
With genetical engeneering, they wanted to create a new species, with talents of both original species combined.
This creation appeared to be a failure, because the new hybrids were indeed very intelligent, but also peaceful.
Moreover they had very coarse body features and lacked the capacities of spirituality and feeling emotions.
Also breeding with other species or incarnating into each others physical bodies appeared to be impossible.
These three species lived some time together on Obwang and influenced each others cultures and languages.

Albaran System– First War and First Pact
Both the prehistoric humanoids and the new species started developing technology very quickly.
The reptilians feared that space ships would be built and that the reptilians would be expelled from Obwang.
During that era, the Galactic Federation of Planets was founded. Both humanoid species wanted to join them.
The reptilians started a war against te primitive humans, but refused to attack the new hybrids, their creation.
The new species called themselves The Ahurim and remained neutral during this First or Small Albaran War.

Because the reptilians existed in a small minority, they were almost defeated by the humanoids.
So they called for assistance and their brothers from other planets came with their military space ships.
The primitive humanoids were exterminated completely. Planet Obwang was left behind with extensive damage.
The Ahurim and the reptilians made a deal of respecting each others territories. The First Albaran Pact.
This pact was certified by the Galactic Government. Obwang was renamed Ahurim, alias Aurorion.

Albaran System – Andromeda era
Seven female and seven male immortal humanoids from the Andromeda Galaxy were exploring Albaran.
They were very interested in its vast variety and contacted the Galactic Government to ask permissions.
The Andromedans colonized the huge empty planet Mohoron and made it their distant home base.
With hypertechnologic interdimensional travelling techniques, they transported life forms from Andromeda.
For travelling within the Albaran system, they used rapid gold colored flying saucer like space shuttles.

The Andromedans first contacted the reptilians, but these refused to collaborate with humanoid species.
The Aurorians were very interested in the Andromedan space travel technology, but also rather critical.
As soon as the Andromedans promised to develop a remedy for the genetic handicaps of the Aurorians,
both species started to cooperate and became close friends.

It was love at first sight with the pure humanoids which inhabited the three protected neigbor planets of Aurorion.
They did not want advanced Andromedan technology, but participated in their spiritual development program.
The Andromedans also invited people in the space shuttles and introdiced them to their neigbor civilizations.

Albaran System – Paradise Project
The Andromedans transformed the planets Sholame and Amantis of the second star into paradise worlds.
Souls from the four planets of the first star could reincarnate into the physical bodies of newly created species.
This was the solution for the handicaps of the Aurorians, for which Amantis was destined to be a paradise planet.
As a preparation for this transition, also a small part of the Aurorians participated in the development program.
The reptilians were fervently opposed to this plan. The Galactic Government agreeed with many strait restrictions.

Amantis was first transformed into a paradise and provided with plant and animal species. This is still its situation.
From Amantis, species were transported to Sholame, where four humanoid ape hybrid races were created.
This paradise project was very succesful. This era was its Golden Age. Alas it ended very soon.

Albaran System – Second (or Great) War and Second Pact
Sholame technology and population expanded explosively. Within few centuries, more planets would be required.
The reptilians feared colonization into their territory and attacked and finally exterminated all lifeforms of Sholame.
Fortunately, its orbit, atmosphere and water are still intact. And Amantis is still a paradise with plants and animals.
Unfortunately, Mohoron and its neighbors were burned completely and lost most of their atmosphere and water.
According to the contract, the Galactic Government did not interfere.

The Andromedans returned home after donating their spaceships and much written information to the Aurorians.
The Aurorians were appointed by the Galactic Government to be shepherds of all physical inner Albaran planets.
All non-physical worlds and all incarnation matters would resort directly under the Galactic Government.
According to the Second Pact, new borders were placed and respected between the humanoids and reptilians.
All humans souls who have lived at Sholame, were finally incarnated on Earth. So did I.

Albaran System – actual news
Both humanoids and reptilians always respected the Second Pact until now.
The planetoids Filitron (humanoids) and Sitris (reptilians) were designed as contact places for both groups.
These contacts become more and more frequent and friendly, with mutual exchangement of information and gifts.
More and more reptilians, especially younger generations, wanted to become member of the Galactic Federation.
August 3, 2012 the Hovron Planetary Union became full member of our Galactic Federation and our Cluster Union.
Also the Albaran Seven Star System Alliance was founded. Inhabitants of all Albaran planets are cooperating now.
After sufficient transformation of Earth, all destroyed worlds will be restored. I will surely participate in this project!
On 2013-03-01 an huge space ship, donated by the Andromedans, was anchored at the planet Mohoron.
This was the beginning of the gloreous restoration and recolonization of this huge planet of the fourth star.
It is the capital of the newly founded Albaran Seven Star Union, member of our Galactic Federation and Cluster.
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Albaran Seven Star System – languages, scripture systems, counting systems

•  Thirteen dot square matrix
•  4 tables
•  64 Aurorion Planetary Union square symbols
•  Sound track – phonetic pronounciation system
•  Sound track – Common Cluster Language

Albaran System – languages
Most Albaran languages are congenial to our Common Cluster Language, also named Andromedo-Galactic.
Some words even penetrated litterally into Earth languages.
Pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar in Albaran is much simpler than in most languages on our planet.
The verb  to be   does not exist. On the other hand, most Albaran idioms are strict with cases and verbal endings.
Clear distinctions are made for example between the personal pronoun  we  inclusive and exclusive addressed.

Albaran System – scripture systems
All civilizations of the Aurorion Planetary Union use the same system of a few hundred square syllable symbols.
These characters are composed of dots and lines which are based on a 13 dots square matrix.
Dots can be only at one or more of these 13 positions. Lines can only connect two of these positions.
These symbols are easily made with two fingers on a 13 key board and perfectly be read by computer systems.
Inhabitants of different planets are able to read and comprehend each others written texts in any language.

Albaran System – counting and measuring systems
On Earth we count from 1 to 10. In the Aurorion Union they count from 0 to 11, so they use a twelve count system.
The symbol of zero is an empty square. The other figures are counted by the number of dots, like dice or domino.
Everything is divided by twelve or by multiples of twelve.
Of course the lenght of the days of all planets are different, but all of them are divided into twelve hours.
At Aurorion, each hour is divided into 144 minutes. And each minute is divided into 144 seconds.
At all the planets of the Aurorion Union, the basic measure of length is the Aurorian cubit, of about 28 cm.
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Albaran Seven Star System – Albaran inner stars

•  Anuran – Seal of the Lilac Lilly Cluster
•  3 tables
•  4 city maps

Aurorion Planetary Union
The Aurorion Union contained the central blue star Albaran and the yellow stars Mokim and Turthin with planets.
All the physical worlds in this part of the Albaran Constellation are now under the supervision of the Aurorians.
All non-physical matters are directly under the jurisdiction of our Galactic Government.

1.1 – Kurana
Smaller than Earth. Dark green. Rather flat planet. Tropical jungle and huge rivers. Two small dark human races.
Primitive and peaceful culture. They even have no government. There are no Aurorian buildings on this planet.
Kuranian representatives for Aurorion Union meetings are appointed at random and picked up by space shuttle.
Kurana ascended into a paradise world on 2012-12-21.

1.2 – Mansira
Smaller than Earth. Cream with orange. Hilly planet. Various landscapes. Sunny. Tall mediterranean human race.
Medium tech peaceful culture. Kings and queens. Buildings but no electricity. High tech Aurorian ambassy.
Because I remember a past life on this planet, I publish a lot about this beautiful world of love and respect.

1.3 – Aurorion
Slightly bigger than earth. Bluish grey. Rather flat planet. Cloudy and foggy subtropical. Aurorian species.
High tech peaceful culture. The majority of this website deals with this very interesting planet.

1.4 – Tiflis
Half the size of Earth. Light blue. Planet full of high mountains and altiplanes. Sunny but usually rather cold.
Very tall fair haired white human race. Medium tech peaceful culture. Electricity but no toilets in the homes.
Modest electric railway system. Electronic handsfree telephones, but only in public buildings. Aurorian ambassy.
Intensive fair trade with Aurorians. Aurorians are here on holidays often for skiing and mountain climbing.

2.1 – Thamnis
Half the size of Earth. Orange. No rotation. No atmosphere. Burning hot at the sunny side. Not inhabited.
Aurorian observatory at its shadow side.

2.2 – Sholame
Smaller than Earth. Radiant gold yellow. Very much variation. No seas but many lakes, rivers and swamps.
Subtropical. Former paradise planet with many life forms and four hybrid humanoid races. Exterminated.

2.3 – Amantis
Almost same size as Earth. Radiant light green. Hilly. No seas but many lakes and rivers. No human life forms.
Still a beautiful paradise planet with many different plants and animals.
Modest colonization by ascended Aurorians started 2013-03-01.

3.1–4 – Non-physical worlds
One much bigger, three smaller than Earth. Cloudy and very hot planets like Venus. No physical life possible.
White with some other light colors. Miyona, Morqabah, Koran and Moshrun are inhabited by non-physical beings.
Non-physical interval between two physical lives on the planets of the central star Albaran.

3.5 – Filitron
A small planetoid in a circular orbit far from its star. Aurorian-reptilian meeting base at its sunny side.
This celestial body is being dragged away now and will be the moon Vildrin of the planet Aurorion during 2013.
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Albaran Seven Star System – Albaran reptilians

•  Pictograph Vandra Subway lemon line
•  Pictograph Vandra Subway orange line
•  Pictograph Hovron Royal Palace and Hovron Planetary Union
•  4 tables
•  Sound track – Peace Mantra LaNaHe
•  Sound track – Common Hovron Language – counting
•  Sound track – Common Hovron Language – miscellaneous

Until August 2012, I did not know much about the reptilians.
However, the more violent part of the inhabitants of Obwang reincarnated into some reptilians of this region.
When I try to visualise the reptilians, I see two races. A tall and skinny blue to green one.
And a smaller orange to red one. Both races have scales, but almost as refined as a human skin.
Reptilians are very intelligent, but used to have an inclination to collective selfishness.
They experience emotions, but are perfectly able to control them. Ambicious but willing to admit when they lose.
They are able to hypnotise us, in order that we see them like any human being they want to.

The reptilians prefer to inhabit rather small planets. Their capital planet is Hovron.
Their small atmosphereless exchange planet with the Aurorians is Sitris.
Until the Second Albaran War, paradise violet reptilians inhabited the biggest moon Maharin of planet Mohoron.
They were exterminated, but this very spiritual species will be revived in 2013 and start living at Mohoron.

Also the green and orange reptilians are evolving spiritually. They are menbers of our Galactic Federation now.
They opened their worlds as well to me. Now I know a lot about them, also about their language.
You may find more and more reptilion world descriptions at the Dutch part of this website.
Reptilian planets are even transforming into paradise worlds now.
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Albaran Seven Star System – Mohoron – future world

•  Pictograph railway Mohoron

Mohoron is the third of five planets round the fourth star Chestahraw.
Mohoron is the biggest solid planet – more than twice the size of Earth.
And one of the very few Albaran planets with moons. One – Maharin – of planet size and four smaller ones.
Mohoron has a non-vertical axis, so it used to have seasons. And many seas, continents and other varieties.
It was the multicultural – with mortals and immortals – Albaran capital planet of the Andromedans.
Its moon Maharin was inhabited by violet reptilians in paradise form. They where exterminated by other reptilians.

All inhabited satellites of Chestahraw were destroyed by nuclear weapons during the Second Albaran War.
Their orbits and rotations are still intact, but almost all of their atmospheres and water are gone.
After sufficient completion of the paradise transformation of planet Earth, all of these worlds will be restored.
With donation of air and water from other planets and or with the aid of hypertechnology.

This webpage gives an imaginary impression of the recolonized high tech paradise world Mohoron.
Because of the presence of flying animals, the magnetic train system would be in the form of an isolated monorail.
On 2013-03-01 they started the restoration and recolonization of Mohoron, the capital of the new Albaran Union.
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Aurorion – physical planet – summary, history

•  Anuran – Seal of the Lilac Lilly Cluster
•  World map with high speed railway lines
•  1 table

Aurorion – summary
Aurorion – Ahurim in its own language – is the third planet of the central star Albaran.
It is slightly larger dan Earth, with a little more gravity, air pressure and humidity. It is often cloudy, foggy and rainy.
There is only one sea and only one continent, more extended to the south than to the north. The planet is rather flat.
Although there are many hills in the north and middel, and low mountains at the far north and the far south coast.
Aurorion is one of the first members of the Galactic Federation and is its local capital planet.

Aurorion – inhabitants
Since the Second Albaran War there are constantly only about 10.000.000 Aurorians on the whole planet.
The Aurorians are a unique hybrid life form, created by genetic engeneering by reptilians and primitive humans.
Their body features are extremely coarse, especially their lower legs. Their skin is grayish, somewhat light green.
Their hair – even of the children – is mixed grey. Their eyes are round, their chin rather broad.
Because of their floppy nose and ears, they were not able to wear ordinary glasses in their era of eye problems.
They are very smart, of good memory, patient and tolerant. They lack the experience of emotions and spirituality.
However, after hundreds of thousands of years, they are gradually transforming into more human like beings.

Aurorion – future expectations
The Aurorians are overgrowing all of their inborn handicaps and are becoming fullgrown humanoids.
They will also improve the climate of their planet by donating air and water to damaged Albaran worlds.
Part of the sea near the south pole will be replaced by solid matter from those planets, to create a skiing area.
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Aurorion – physical planet – languages, scripture systems, counting systems

•  18 pictographs
•  7 sound tracks

Aurorion – languages
Aurorian differs, of Albaran idioms, most from Common Cluster Language, in vocabulary, grammar and sounds.
This is mainly due to the age of this language, and to contacts with the reptilian and the former Obwang civilization.
Vowels and consonants sound very dull, due to the coarse construction of the physical bodies of the Aurorians.
Funny is, that women have a slightly different – less dull – pronounciation.
Aurorian is derived from our Cluster Language, but is the most worn out of all Albaran languages.
Most cases have been replaced by prepositions, which however sound exactly the same as those cases.
This is the main reason why there is so much difference between written and spoken sentences.
Aurorian is an easy language to learn, with many short words and simple pronounciation and grammar.
The personal pronouns – rarely used – are exactly the same as the still consequently used verbal endings.
For professions like mathematics, there are separate languages, that sound totally different from Aurorian.

Aurorion – scripture systems
Because Aurorion is completely computerized, the Aurorian 13 dot square character system is consequently used.
A phonetic scripture system is also becoming more and more popular, because there is much alien tourism.
The phonetic symbols are as well based on the 13 dot matirx, but are displayed smaller than the syllable symbols.
Very popular are the circular two color pictographs that are also mixed between the square characters.
This clarifies the information on computer screens, for example at railway stations.

Aurorians use consequently the twelve count system, especially concerning time. Their day lasts 27 Earth hours.
Their minute – with almost exactly the same length as the Earth minute – is their principal time unit.
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Aurorion – physical planet – dictionary

•  Thirteen dot square matrix
•  9 tables
•  Sound track – Aurorian – counting
•  Sound track – Aurorian – miscellaneous

Aurorion – dictionary
This brief dictionary provides only translations of Aurorian words into Dutch.
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Aurorion – physical planet – technology, environmental management

•  Anuran – Seal of the Lilac Lilly Cluster

Aurorion – energy sources
Fuels are not used. Electricity is entirely made from solar, wind and water energy. And free for private persons.
Space ships fly by the energy of the cosmic zero point field, a millions of years old technology in our Galaxy.
Most water ships are sail ships, however completely computerized and provided with backup electric engins.
Aurorians are sportive, walk a lot and use their bicycles frequently. They rarely drive electric scooters or cars.
Much agriculture is on purpose still primitive, with machines pulled by buffalos, which are treated very friendly.

Aurorion – industries
The world wide railway system and computer network are under jurisdiction of the planetary government.
Almost all the rest is managed by private persons and companies. There is plenty room for traditional handicraft.
Agriculture and most of the food industry is biological and performed as well at small and local scales.

Aurorion – clicker system
At Aurorion no nails, screws or bolts are used. Almost all materials like panels and cables are clicked together.
Clickers are small pins with a spring that is clicked on both material components by hand or with a simple tool.
Somethimes the connection is magnetically sealed and can be released only with an authorized PDA.

Aurorion – miracle glue
Stones are put together and the gaps are finished with so called miracle glue.
This crystal powder is solved and applicated between the stones. Sound waves make it harden instantly.
With different sound waves the glue is pulverized again and reused. Security, police and army are not authorized.
For recue operations they need to rent a private company to perform this job.

Aurorion – intelligent glass
At Aurorion glass is practically unbreakable and selfcleaning. There also exists so called intelligent glass.
Both sides of intelligent glass panels, can independantly be adjusted concerning transparancy etcetera.
They can also function as light source in various colors and as information screens.

Aurorion – intelligent sitting bags
These chairs automatically adjust to your body features. You can find them for example in meeting rooms.

Aurorion – medicine
By quick scans, DNA, tussues and blood are examined without the necessity to take samples.
With harmless radiation, threedimensional total body scans are made of every living creature.
No chemical drugs are administrated. Keystone is prevention, with healthy food, moving a lot and quality of life.
Body functions are restored by sound waves, magnetic radiation and genetical engeneering.
If necessary, patients are made inconscious by influencing their brain waves directly.
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Aurorion – physical planet – social life, politics

•  Anuran – Seal of the Lilac Lilly Cluster

Aurorion – government
Aurorion has a king (or queen) who is at the same time the president of the Aurorion Planetary Councel.
Until a few millions of years ago, kingship was hereditary. The royal family used to live in the royal palace.
Presently, kings are chosen directly by the population from candidates with a academical certificate of kingship.
The complete cv of the candidates are found at the Internet. Kings live in specialized houses in the capital now.
Kingship is a tough universitary edicuation of twelve years. Only very motivated and humble persons are admitted.
Kings should be well familiar with Aurorion and its neigbor planets. They have experience with almost all jobs.
They master the language of their own and neigbor planets, Andromedo-Galactic and presently also English.

The king has a first and a second assistant. This triplet should contain at least one female and at least one male.
In the present, there are also many parttime assistants, among which retired kings and kingship students.
Ministers are specialized assistants. Also every minister has a first and second and several parttime assistants.
Ministers are as well directly chosen by the population.

Municipalities are governed by local kings and ministers with their assistants. All of them are elected officers.
In smaller villages, functions are combined. Very small communities have only a local king as a governor.
Planetary and local kings and other officers receive only the Netto Basic Daily Budget of 144 Hur, about 70 Dollar.
As a compensation, they get private space shuttles, trains and other facilities and often free meals and other gifts.

Aurorion – politics
This former military, communistic dictatorship, has become the ultimate democracy. There are no political parties.
There are however communities of interest which organize Internet fora and non-compulsory Internet referenda.
All governmental meetings are openly published. The governors have to comply with the decisions of referenda.

Aurorion – security
Army, police, security and citizen service are just one organization called Hambarad. They act on prevention base.
Weapens are forbidden. Citizens are even not allowed to eat with knive and fork. Only cooks may use knives.
Police weapens are harmless. To catch criminels, webs are thrown and barriers arise from roads and buildings.

Aurorion – justice
No distinction is made between intentional crimes and damage caused by physical and or mental impairments.
They talk about responsability in stead of guilt. And of safety measures in stead of punishment or vengeance.
These measures result in monitoring and often adaptation of the autorization profile of the responsible person.
When someone causes fatal car accidents, whatever the cause, the drivers licence is blocked temporarily.
Heavier measures are compulsory transfer to the Reeducation Camp or – after consultation – to an other planet.
The government immediately payes the victim in order to restore damage as soon and as completely as possible.
The responsable person has to pay back or, if impossible, gets a higher tax rate as a malus as long as necessary.
You can also earn a bonus, so a lower tax rate, by performing special benefits for the community.

Aurorion – education and work
At Aurorion, school contributes more to the education than family life. School provides more practise than theory.
There are no minimum or maximum calendar ages for whatsoever activity, payed jobs or even marriage.
What counts is, that the person is physically and mentally capable and motivated for the job or activity.
Thorougly is estimated beforehand, if this new situation is also compatible with the quality of life of that person.
So you can watch very young children drive a train. And very old people working, be it parttime, until they die.

Aurorion – personal coaching
All inhabitants, even kings, are personally coached from time to time. Almost everybody loves this system.
For example every year, you consult an officer of the municipality, with whom you evaluate your past period.
The most important question is, if you are sufficiently satisfied with your present situation.
When necessary, your autorization profile is adjusted or examinations or other measures are performed.
Extra evaluation sessions are arranged if you want such or when an incident has happened.
Second opinion in an other municipality or higher consultation with a planetary officer is possible.

Aurorion – economy
The planetary valuta is the Hur, about half a Dollar. The Hur is not devided further and exists only electronically.
Aurorians are not capitalistic at all. They are completely satisfied with rough estimations of values.
There is a lot of fair trade with the neigbor planets by simply exchanging materials and services.
Every citizen, even a baby, has the right of receiving the Netto Basic Daily Budget.
With these 144 Hur, most persons can live several days in abundance. If you want more, you have to work for it.
From your salary, all taxes are automatically withdrawn before you receive the money on your bank account.

Every alien tourist receives once 144 Hur. Tourists are encouraged to perform parttime jobs to get more money.
You can translate English into your own language, give artistic performances about your culture to the Aurorians,
become a tourist guide for your own people, work in agriculture or industry or as a trainmanager on an easy line.
Local officers can help you find a suitable temporary job and for the rest have a good time at Aurorion.
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Aurorion – physical planet – architecture

•  2 drawings of the Tower Bridge
•  Drawing of the Royal Palace
•  Map of the Royal Palace and environment

Aurorion – architecture
The planetary capital Ahurabad is one of the most famous places for architecture in our Galaxy.
The most important creations are the Tower Bridge, the Royal Palace and the Old City.
Several other less relevant structures are dealt with at the Dutch webpage.

Aurorians are very perfectionistic and love symmetry and mathematical structures.
If total symmetry is not possible, they construct the building totally asymmetrical.
In authentical quarters and near monumental buildings, all fronts should harmonize with each other.
In these protected zones, all the vision lines are taken into account.
In the ancient city parts, all modern devices should be hidden thorougly.

Because the planet has plenty of room, most buildings have maximal four floors. Split level is very popular.
Aurorian cities and landscapes look very quite, because there are hardly any cables, pylons or signs at buildings.
Illumination and information like streat names and house numbers are found in the road surface.
Main construction materials are natural stones, metals, glass and plastics that can imitate any stuff on Earth.
At Aurorion, wood, bricks, concrete or asphalt are not used any more since hundreds of thousands of years.

Aurorion – Ahurabad – Tower Bridge
An old railway bridge over the huge Ahuran river was transformed into the Kambambar, an architectural miracle.
In the middle they built a tower of almost a mile high and more or less in the shape of our Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Because of the vision lines, the tower cap should be in the same pear shape as the towers of the Royal Palace.
The whole built of only two materials – aluminum like metal and glass – in two adjacent slightly purple dark colors.
An amazing symphony of mathematical forms: circles, ellipses, paraboles, hyperboles, triangles and rectangles.
The symmetry is perfect in all directions. There are no signs or other distracting visable objects at the outside.
The structure consists of the bridge, railway stations, a watersport, congress and restaurant center on an island,
and arising from that center and bridge, the watch tower with four elevators, that are able to drop in free fall.

Aurorion – Ahurabad – Royal Palace
Rabodin, Royal Palace and Aurorion Planetary Council residence, is a most amazing building in our Galaxy.
With a perfect all directions symmetry, in a divine rhytm of fractal forms like cylinders, guirlandes and arcades.
This classical castle is made of grey, a little bluish granite, from almost white to almost black, and full of twinkels.
And also huge glass windows and modest metal frames. The main building has at both sides a lower wing.
The palace has three domes and twelve cylindrical towers in three different sizes, with pear formed caps.
These dark caps rest on cylindrical illuminated windows, so at night the caps seem to hover above the towers.

This huge, majestuous palace, is surrounded by an enormous, playfully irregular, multicolor Japanese like garden.
This royal garden is surrounded by a granite wall, in the same style as the Palace, with tens of small towers.
The Palace has two towered gates, north and south. The wall has four towered gates, north, south, west and east.
The distance of the Palace is equal to the west and east wall, but is much closer to the north than the south wall.

The Palace was adapted several times, but looked terrible with all those modern electric gadgets like switches.
So hundreds of thousands of years ago, they broke down the whole building and reconstructed it on a metal frame.
All modern devices were perfectly hidden, and the renewed Palace now looks even more beautiful than at its start.
The original building only has three floors. Under the garden, a subterraneous expansion of six floors was added.
This extension contains offices for the public, a complex railway station and many other facilities.
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Aurorion – physical planet – cities, tourism, culture

•  Pictograph tourism
•  General legenda for maps
•  5 city maps

Aurorion – cities
Aurorion has only about ten cities, but thousands of villages, some of them even very small.
This large planet has constantly only about 10.000.000 inhabitants, of which 500.000 live in the capital Ahurabad.
Ahurabad is the oldest and largest city. Together with its suburbs, it hosts about 1.200.000 citizens.

Aurorion – planetary capital Ahurabad
Ahurabad was formed from three cores. The old city Ahurabad, west from the center. The former Bom ed Ahuran,
also called the Yellow City, the former capital of Obwang, more to the east, now called the city quarter Bombadur.
And a rather big village across the Ahuran river, now called the city quarter Old South. All three have been rebuilt.
The Ahuran is the largest river of the planet. It runs across Ahurabad from east to west into the ocean.
Two smaller rivers, the Azuran and the Bandiran, and many canals, separate Ahurabad from its suburbs.
In the old age, the Royal Palace use to lie far beyond the northern city border of the planetary capital.

Ahurabad is the only city of the planet that is not completely flat, but contains low hills in the north and northeast.
West of Bombadur lies the huge leisure, meeting, museum and education park Braze, with many concert halls.
Around and through the Braze park runs a museum street car line.
Between Braze and the old town lies the New Center, with the Bazandar – Great Promenade – along the Ahuran.

Aurorion – Hamurabad
South from the planetary capital lies Hamurabad, second city in age, named after the beloved king Hamurab 14.
This city, the former capital of Region Middle, lies at the beautiful small river Herver, among many fruit orchards.
The geography is butterfly shaped, with the old town at the east, and a newer town at the west of a Bazandar.

Aurorion – Dorbad
Dorbad, or Middle City, the new capital of Region Middle, is a dull city that does not lie near any water at all.
It is surrounded by industries and was mainly built for strategical reasons, for example to justify a railway stop.

Aurorion – Lobad
Lobad, or South City, is the capital of Region South. A brand new town with buildings of many floors, was built at
the center of a chain of many villages, put together and with their original names relabeled as city quarters.
Lobad lies at the south border of the small Aluyran river, that has many bridges.

Aurorion – other cities
Bandurbad, or Lake City, is a suburb that lies against the south east of Ahurabad, just across a canal.
Roads with the same name and continuing house numbers run through both municipalities, that cooperate nicely.
Cities at the west coast near Ahurabad are at the north Pleasure Harbor and at the south Industry Harbor.

Aurorion – open air museum
Region Middle has the twin villages Zolarad Vlak (west) and Karlan Wak (east) named after two Sholame princes.
The Aurorions made an open air museum where they rebuilt some parts of the destroyed paradise worldSholame.
Among the live size replicas is the museum train line called Blue Mountain Express.

Aurorion – culture and art
Apart from their architecture, Aurorions have very little artisticity from their own.
As soon as the Galactic Government provided them with information from other planets like Earth, they fell in love
with our culture and started to copy many things like all of our music instruments, especially our pipe organs.
They added many technical improvements like automatic tuning devices for the pipes.
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Aurorion – physical planet – transportation systems

•  Pictograph road transportation
•  Drawing road vehicle ligths

Aurorion – traffic system
Aurorion never had cars or airplanes. There is hardly any trafic on the roads. Yet most crossings are in split level.
The different trafic streams are well separated from each other and are marked with different road surface colors.
Olive green for pedestrians. Dark yellow for bodyforce vehicles like bicycles. Dark red brown for motor vehicles.
All vehicles drive left, with priority for trafic coming from the left, unless otherwise indicated.
It is not allowed to drive backwards. Long vehicles have steering facilities with joysticks and screens at both ends.
Parking is done by one perpendicular movement and automatically if you prefere. A navigation system is present.
The road also sends infrared commands to your vehicle to help it to keep track, slow down or even stop.

All illumination, signs and other information is displayed in white light in the road surface.
A white line perpendicular to your driving direction means, that you have to stop behind that line.
Vehicles as well shine only white light. Two small arrows down is same direction. One big arrow up is oncoming.
Traffic at Aurorion is very silent. Only light signals are given. You can also intercom with your surrounding trafic.

Aurorion – road vehicles
Electric scooters are mainly used by the police. Private persons rarely own motor vehicles.
You can rent a short hybrid train, that moves automatically on railways and rather slowly with wheels on roads.
They look like small buses or trucks and are useful for example when you move to an other house.

Bicycles are strictly moved by your body force. Yet they have many electronic devices like an automatic gear.
They are driven with a joystick in stead of a steer. They are gyroscopically balanced, very narrow and flat.
Easily you can put them in several lying or sitting positions or fold them when taken with you at the train.

Aurorion – conveyor belts
At Aurorion there are hardly any stairs or escalators with steps, due to the many aliens with diferrent bodies.
In stead, many streets and buildings are crowded with slopes and sloping or horizontal conveyor belts.
Elevators are rather rare and almost only applied in very tall buildings like the Tower Bridge in Ahurabad.

Aurorion – goods transportation systems
Goods are mainly transported by train, sail ships and space shuttles.
But there are also subterraneous systems to transport food to shopping centra and to convey wast products.

Aurorion – space travelling
The Andromedans donated space shuttles that reached about one tenth of the speed of light.
These vessels are about the size of a small house and flying saucer shaped, be it with a square base.
The Aurorians developed other flying saucer like types that have a maximum speed of 99 % of the light velocity.
Among which are huge transportation vehicles and smaller two person shuttles with a circular base.
The latter are mainly used by the police and service technicians and the way we use trauma helicopters.
They are very easy to manipulate, can move as slowly as one mm per second and can take of and land anywhere.
All these vehicles derive their energy directly from the cosmic zero point field, which costs nothing.

Aurorion – space harbors
Althoug most space ships can hover and land everywhere, there are many space harbors at the planet.
Space harbor South, the second large or Aurorion, is for domestic flights and contacts with neigbor planets.
Space harbor North, the largest, at an altiplane north of the planetary capital, also has stargate facilities.
Alas at Earth no public stargate is available, so we are not able to visit Aurorion in our physical bodies yet.

Alian visitors are welcomed personally, undergo a physical and psychological examination, receive instructions
and practice the planetary computer and railway systems. A personal account with once 144 Hur is created.
They also get an orange colored uniform (red for tourist guides), a personal digital assistant and other gadgets.
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Aurorion – physical planet – railway history

•  2 vehicle drawings
•  9 maps with railway lines

Aurorion – railway history
About 3,5 millions of years before Earth, at Aurorion an electric train line of about 1000 miles was exploited.
It ran between the center of Ahurabad via Hamurabad, the former capital of Region Middle, and the west coast.
This line has been replaced by magnetic induction lines, but the old system is still used at two museum lines.
And as the main transport system at the neigbor planet Tiflis. A similar line ran at the paradise planet Sholame.
Aurorion had the most high tech version, even more advanced than our present Earth sprinter trains / tramways.

Aurorion – tramtrain vehicle
The most modern version is described. They look very much like an Earth electric single unit street car.
Each side has an aerodynamic motor unit with a chair for the train driver and a balcony for standing passengers.
The car body consists of five units with in each, two opponent four person seats that reach from side to side.
The passengers pass through each of both magnetic side doors of the unit and take their seats immediately.
In the Aurorion Planetary Union, a train usually stops between two platforms, for quick boarding and leaving at
both sides simultaneously.

The maximum speed of the Aurorian tramtrain is about the same as of our Earth light rail sprinter trains.
Like with Earth trains, the overhead electricity line is complex and chain like, to combine high speed and stability.
In the Aurorion Planetary Union, curved trolleys run under the cable.
Modern Aurorian tramtrains are silent because of plastic wheels.
Electricity is exchanged with the rails via a separate lower trolley system.

Aurorion – former tramtrain lines
Rather shortly after replacing the old electric north-south sprinter line by the high speed magnetic induction line,
Hamurabad built two new diagonal tramtrain lines, with a common part at the Bazandar parallel with the flash train.
In Ahurabad, a central circular streetcar line was built, as a supplement to the coarse network of magnetic lines.
All of the three mentioned electric light rail lines were finally replaced by extensions of the magnetic train system.
To preserve the Aurorian tramtrain technology, two museum lines were constructed and still exploited.
The one, mainly with museum trams, in the Braze Park of Ahurabad.
The other, replica of the Sholamian Blue Mountain Express in the open air museum of Zolarad Vlak / Karlan Wak.

Aurorion – evolution of the present railway system
Illustrated with line maps, descriptions are given about how the railway system of Aurorion evolved.
More detailed information about the present situation, is given on the next webpage.
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Aurorion – physical planet – railway system

•  2 vehicle drawings
•  7 maps with railway lines
•  2 tables
•  Sound track – Aurorian – announcement of subway line stations by a man
•  Sound track – Aurorian – announcement of subway line stations by a woman

Aurorion – railway system
These trains move by magnetic induction. Speeds up to 100 times of that of Earth air planes are reached.
It is a worldwide door to door system. The flash trains continue their trip as subway trains and street cars.
All movements are controled by a planetary computer system, so no drivers are needed, but train managers are.
Because of quick boarding and leaving at both sides, all trains stop at all the stations along the way.
The maximum between two stops is three minutes, even when stops are separated 2000 miles from each other.
The minimum frequency is every 36 minutes – an Aurorion quarter – during the night in scarcely populated regions.
The maximum is four trains per minute in daytime at the circle central city line of the planetary capital Ahurabad.
Travelling by train is free, but for logistic reasons, passengers are automatically checked in and out by their PDA.
The system is completely safe, because all railroads are isolated from each other and from other forms of traffic.
Railroads where the sound barrier is passed, run through an aerodynamic protection cage construction.

Aurorion – train vehicle
Only one type is used for passengers. This train looks like an Earth subway train. The vehicle is extremely low.
This is because the magnetic induction propulsion system hangs under the train below the surface of the street.
The train has similar measures as Earth train units. It consists of three passenger sections, two corridor joints
between them and at both sides an aerodynamic head with drivers chair, that can remain empty most of the time.
In every section passengers sit on two long back to back seats in the longitudinal axis of that section.
The floor of the train is at exactly the same level as the pedestrian road, so no elevated platforms are needed.

Remarkable are the glass panels almost along the entire length and heigth of both sides of each section.
They are meant to look outside the train, but also show information about the trip and the environment.
These windows for example display as well the landscape at the other side than the one you can see directly.
When the train runs through a tunnel or flash cage, live images of the environment are projected into the windows.
At the stops, the glass panels sink into the floor, together with the glass separation panels of the station.

Aurorion – train lines
The oldest world line is the North-South line that runs along the zero meridian between both sides of the continent.
This very important railway connects the four main cities and the two most vital space harbors with each other.
At station Lobad (South City) Center, three four unit trains from regional lines are automatically combined.
The 12 unit chain flashes within 15 minutes, with 7 intermediary stop, to Ahurabad South, 6000 miles more North.
At that portal station, the train is split into single units, that continue over all of the regional sprinter lines and all of
the city subway and streetcar lines of Ahurabad. The daytime frequency of the North South line is every 6 minutes.
One half of the trains connect Ahurabad and Lobad, the other half only two adjacent main cities with each other.

In Ahurabad, the main line is the extension of the North-South world line. It runs as a superficial subway line.
Under the Bazandar, the roof of the tunnel is made of glass, so passengers and pedestrians can see each other.
This line stops at Space Harbor North, Ahurabad North, University, the main health center, Royal Palace, Braze,
the main shopping center, Town Hall, Central Station, South Junction, South Square and Ahurabad South.
During daytime, railroads are run by combination lines, to avoid changing trains and to improve frequencies.

Aurorians are fond of circle lines and loop lines, that always are exploited in both directions.
Very popular, especially for tourist, is the central circle line – a former street car line – that runs almost entirely
in the street, be it with split level crossings. The stops are fairly close to each other. This line connects the three
old parts of the city, Royal Palace, Braze, Tower Bridge, City Harbor Quarter and Central Station.
The Dutch webpage is very extensive and deals with many train lines and technical data.
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Aurorion – physical planet – information technology

•  Pictograph information management
•  Sound track – Aurorian – city wall announcement
•  Sound track – Aurorian – radio weather forecast by a man
•  Sound track – Aurorian – radio weather forecast by a woman

Aurorion – information technology
Earth information and communication systems are among the most advanced in our Galaxy.
Aurorion is only slightly ahead of us. Extra facilities that Earth is already developing, are described below.
The different eras of information systems at Aurorion are explained.

Aurorion – City wall announcement era
Habombadad – the Aurorian name for information management – litteraly means From the city walls.
During the Obwang time, a messenger made a tour over the city walls with a message in three count poem form.
Every second he beat a bass drum to accompany the syllables. The message was repeated from all the towers.
During special events, this ancient system is demonstrated on the wall between Bombadur and the Braze Park.

Aurorion – Radio station era
Later, when the Aurorians took over the planet, each city got its own radio station.
But when they discovered the possible harmful effect of radio waves on the body, radio systems were forbidden.
By the way, highly evolved civilisations do not use radio waves, that spread anywhere through the cosmos.
Aurorians only use radio waves to make contact via one of their artificial satellites in case of emergency.
After a few seconds, this communication is continued along a one to one laser beam.

Aurorion – Rain drop era
The Aurorians constructed a world wide glass fibre network and a system with thousands of backup servers.
At every corner of the street there were plastic yelloworange with turqoise public computer terminals.
They look much like our money machines. Every citizen got a turqoise chippas in the form of a raindrop.
With a safety cord at the point of the drop. Tnis raindrop is still the pictograph of information management.
This personal pass, with at both sides a 3D portrait of the owner, contained only the login codes for the system.
The pass was put into a terminal, into the lock of your bicycle or front door, and into many other things.
You were identified and your authorization profile and ownerships checked on the worldwide computer network.
With a pin code you could block your pass in case of loss and get a new one at one of the many service desks.

Aurorion – present PDA era
This Personal Digital Assistant has all of the functions of our Earth mobile phones, and a lot more.
They do not function with radio waves, but with innocent short distance radiation like our remote controls.
At Aurorion, there are millions of interaction devices hidden in buildings and road surfaces, to react with the PDAs.
Standard PDAs, with at the inside clicked the old raindrop pass with safety cord, are provided by the Government.
More sophisticated apparatus, even of laptop size, you can buy from private companies.
In case of loss of your PDA, you are identified by an instant DNA scan and you can get a new one.

Besides all the facilities of Earth mobile phones, the Aurorion PDA functions as a banking pass, universal key,
shopping scanner, light source, navigation tool, spoken tourist guide, etcetera. Optional gadgets are for example
distance scanner, weighing scale, thermometer, heart beat and blood pressure device and much more.
When you scan your shopping articles, you are warned if food is not compatible with vegetarism or allergies.
If you choose Okay, the article is payed and your financial administration is automatically updated.
If you walk along a vehicle, it is automatically unlocked, if the computer network proves that you are the owner.
If you approach a building, the magnetic door opens immediately, if you are authorized to enter that building.

Aurorion – computer features
Most people prefer working with a bigger computer. All have them at home and there are still public terminals.
Aurorian computers are safe, simple, uniformly styled and integrated. There is no mouse. Keyboards are optional.
The flat touch screens are perfectly stereoscopic, without the need of devices like polaroid glasses.
In order to select smaller objects, you can use soft pointed finger extensions.
Screens never scroll. All useful information is always visible simultaneously.

At Aurorion, computers are safe, because operating systems and most applications are no software but hardware.
If you want to add a program to your computer, buy a clicker chip. After clicking you are ready to use the program.
Data is software and may be stored off line and or online at the worldwide web.
Every citizen has a personal account and a website. Some information you can change and hide or show yourself.
Authorizations are managed by officers of the Government only.

At Aurorion, privacy is no big issue. Almost all of your actions are stored at the planetary computer system.
This information can be used by the police, but is mainly useful for yourself. In this way, it is very easy to have lost
persons or properties returned. By the way, chipping of living beings is strictly forbidden at Aurorion.
On the other hand, you can chip your precious things and put stereoscopic scans of them on your website.
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Sholame – paradise planet – summary, history

•  Cover painting book Zonnenkinderen
•  World map of the inhabited area of Sholame
•  2 tables

Sholame – summary, history
Sholame is the second planet of the second star. Amantis is the third. Thamnis, the first, is too hostile.
Sholame is slightly smaller than Earth and has an extremely big variety of landscapes, like very high mountains.
The planet has no seas, but many rivers and lakes and a worldwide swamp area. Only a small part is inhabitable.
Sholame has no sattelites, but its neigbor planet Amantis sometimes comes very close, almost like a moon.

Sholame, with a very nice climate and other living conditions, was one of the first paradise planets of our Galaxy.
Its neigbor planet Amantis was the first one to be transformed by the Andromedans.
Amantis is still a paradise, complete with all of its vegetation and animals, but never had humanoids yet.
Life forms were transported from Amantis to Sholame, were the Andromedans created four humanoid races.
These were constructed by genetical modification with monkey genes of humanoids from three Albaran planets.

After a few centuries, all life forms were killed with laser guns and neutron bombs by alien reptilians.
All souls who lived on Sholame finally reincarnated on our planet Earth and are named the Children of Seven Suns.
Sholame is still completely sterile, but its orbit, geography, water and atmosphere are intact.
After sufficient transformation of Earth, Sholame will be restored completely and be colonized again.
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Sholame – paradise planet – languages, scripture systems, counting systems

•  Pictograph planet Sholame
•  4 tables
•  Sound track – Sholamian – Fyiti and Shiri dialects
•  Sound track – Sholamian – Hluthi and Shiri dialects
•  Sound track – Sholamian – poems and songs

Sholame – languages, scripture systems, counting systems
The Sholamic Shiri was an artificial Albaran language, from which the dialects Fyiti and Hluthi were derived.
All three of these dialects are very congenial to our Common Cluster Language.
There was hardly any difference between scripture and speech, due to the strictly maintained grammar with cases.
This idiom was spoken slowly, very melodical and consisted only of clear vowels and consonants.
This fitted perfectly the subtile body construction of the Sholamians and their primitive technology.
In this way, a large population could be clearly adressed without the help of any technical instruments.
The three dialects are explained and some poetry recited at the Dutch webpage.

The Sholamians had no computers and wrote with felt pens made of bamboo, moss and plant juices.
For that reason, they drew the sillable characters more rounded than the square symbols of the Aurorians.
For example, a circle with a central dot in stead of a square with a central dot to represent the sun.
The Sholamians also used the twelve counting system and the Aurorian cubit as the main measure.
But they did not devide their days (of 31 earth hours), because they lived perfectly in the moment.
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Sholame – paradise planet – dictionary

•  Thirteen dot square matrix
•  10 tables
•  Sound track – Sholamian – counting
•  Sound track – Sholamian – miscellaneous

Sholame – Dictionary
This brief dictionary lists only translations from Shiri words into Dutch.
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Sholame – paradise planet – technology, environmental management

•  2 drawings of irrigation wind mills
•  5 sound tracks or links with extraterrestrial music and compositions by Michael Wolfgang Beuger

The history of Sholame consists of two periods. The one before and the one after the dimensional degradation.
During the first, technology was kept primitive on purpose. It was forbidden to make fire during that epoca.
Trees were not cut in any period. For that reason, no wood, metal or molten glass was used.
Everything was constructed of bamboo, reed leaves, natural stone, river clay, rope and polished mountain cristal.
But even in that era there existed wind and water mills for irrigation, food processing, producing and printing paper.
Printing was in color via the procedure of lithography. The Sholamians were very inventive people.

After the first attack by the reptilian aliens, the Sholamians started to implement some Aurorian technology.
For that reason, the from the Albaran System extruded Andromedans had left a huge manual with also many technical data.
Metals, electricity and interplanetary radio and fax were used, but still no computers.
During the first alien attack, the prince was paralised from his neck down.
His older brother made him an electric wheelchair, that was controled by the signals of his eye muscles.
An electric two track railroad – the Blue Mountains Express – ran between the capital and the mountains.

The Dutch page describes agriculture, water management, wind mills, cristal food cooking, writing and printing,
music instruments, architecture, telescopes, microscopes, boats, the electric wheelchair and the railroad.
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Paradise worlds

•  Cover painting of book Zonnenkinderen
•  1 table
•  Sound track – Ronakian

Paradise worlds – characteristics
Paradise worlds feel like heaven, but they consist of physical matter, with male and female inhabitants.
There are no handicaps, diseases or violent deaths, because their eco systems are totally peaceful.
People usually live naked and relate with each other in universal intimacy. Their consciousness is 5D.
Most planets in our neigbor Andromeda Galaxy are paradise like. Many of them are high tech.
However, full paradises in our Galaxy are extremely rare, because all the listed ones were destroyed.

Paradise worlds in our Galaxy
•  Sholame, Amantis and Maharin in the Albaran System, created 3,5 million years ago by Andromedan visitors
•  Ronak-2 and Haran, colonies from neigbor mother planets, 2,5 million years ago
•  Ramos-1, created by our Galactic Government, 1,5 million years ago
•  Paradises, more recent and closer to Earth
•  Lemuria, Garden of Eden and other paradises on Earth
•  Earth, or at least part of it, in the near future
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